Considerations For Commercialization Of Hydrogen Cars

In every century, there are many path breaking inventions and discoveries that change the world, the way humans live and connect with each other. Like in the last century, the title could easily be given to the invention of internet. In this century it has to be something that has a relation with solving the energy crisis of the world. The potential contender for this title is the idea of using Hydrogen Gas as our day to day fuel. The scientists and engineers are sweating it in the labs to convert the idea of hydrogen gas operated vehicles or hydrogen cars a reality.

Hydrogen, the most abundant element of our universe also happens to be the first element of our periodic table. Since its atomic number is one, so it is not very stable as free molecule and remains mostly in combined form as compounds on the earth. The most abundant compound of the element hydrogen is water,H2O, that covers the majority to be exact more than 70% of earth's surface. The automobile engineers plan to use this water to extract hydrogen gas to run cars.

Hydrogen gas has proven credentials as a fuel. It has long been in use for rocket propulsion by premier space research organization of America, NASA. Major automobile manufacturers around the world are already experimenting and working on projects to develop hydrogen cars. They are well aware that to stay in the race they will have to slowly shift to Hydrogen Cars. Although many prototype Hydrogen cars have been developed and tested successfully by different manufacturers. Still there is a long way before the Hydrogen cars can be commercialized making them available for public use.

The concerns to be addressed before commercializing Hydrogen cars are:

Lack of Perennial Source of Hydrogen: Automobile engineers have still not been able to figure out a reliable permanent source of hydrogen gas. The most relevant as of now seems to be is water. Water is broken down by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen.

Lack of Infrastructure: Before the hydrogen cars can be rolled out for the public use, the fuelling stations also need to be built for the cars. Without proper infrastructure and fuelling stations hydrogen cars will be a big risk. Already the people who have converted their cars into hydrogen cars are facing the problem.

Safety of Hydrogen Tank: This one critical area needs to be addressed in the designing of the cars. Hydrogen is known to be an explosive gas therefore in case of an accident if the hydrogen tank gets damaged then it could even explode.

Lack of Technology: We might be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the technology of hydrogen combustion engine. Hydrogen is known to burn very normally inside the combustion engine just like Gasoline.

Lack of Government Impetus: Although the governments all over the world are talking about the importance and use of the hydrogen gas but there is lack of proper impetus from their side. The companies also need funding for research and development.

If the above stated problems are tackled with intelligence and long-term vision than the day is not far when we all would be riding a hydrogen gas driven car. It will solve the energy woes of humans for centuries to come.