How To Turn Your Regular Gasoline Car Into Hydrogen Car?

It is not a hidden fact that even the owners of the most luxurious and porches cars get furious over the skyrocketing cost of running their sassy cars. Most of the car owners in America are eagerly waiting for the new alternative fuel or low running cost cars to arrive into the market. Their big hopes lay with the hydrogen cars. Many enthusiasts have experimented with their gasoline cars and have successfully converted them to run on hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a very light element, actually the first element of the periodic table known to humans. It has been known to be used as the rocket propulsion fuel by NASA and other space research organizations world over for many years. However, it is an explosive fuel with flames being nearly invisible. Using hydrogen is a risky affair so one has to be very careful.

Now why to run your regular gasoline car on hydrogen, and turn it into a green car!, well I am not asking you run your car solely on hydrogen. Actually, you will have to supplement the gasoline with hydrogen, so that it boosts the mileage. Gasoline does not burn completely inside the internal combustion engine of the car, hydrogen helps it burn completely. Complete combustion of gasoline boosts your car's mileage resulting into huge savings every month.

There are two types of hydrogen cars. First that will run on hydrogen gas stores in the form of highly compressed liquid in a tank and the second one will run on a hydrogen fuel cell. Both convert the chemical energy of the hydrogen into the mechanical energy to propel the car. There are many e-guides available on the internet that guides you to convert your regular gasoline car to hydrogen car. All you need are some tubes and cables, with some other material to generate hydrogen on the demand system. All the materials are easily acquired in and around a residential area.

However, to avoid mistakes or if you are not confident enough of doing it yourself, you can choose to get a hydrogen conversion kit installed in your car from outside. Many garages and small motor companies have been installing hydrogen conversion kits into the gasoline cars for years now. Some of the most famous companies in this business are Collier Technologies based in Reno, Nevada and Quantum Fuel System Technologies. Both the companies are also working on projects to develop an all hydrogen driven car in association with reputed enterprises.

Installing a hydrogen conversion kit increases the mileage of your car by up to 35% in most cases, some have reported even more. This would result into more than $100 savings per month and the cost of installation would be recovered within a small period. The other silent benefit is done to the environment. If you choose to run your car on hydrogen then indirectly you are choosing the greener mode of transportation. Hydrogen along with gasoline results into lesser carbon emissions thus negating the global warming.

So it is very simple to convert your regular gasoline car into hydrogen car only if you care about the environment as well as your pockets.